Hi! I’m Manuela Aronofsky. I’m currently completing my Master’s in Library and Information Science at Pratt Institute. My concentration is Youth, Literacy, and Outreach. My professional interests include youth data and digital literacy; expanding inclusivity and cultural competency in the school library environment, and teaching the act of reading as a community-building experience.


I currently work as the Middle School Library Assistant at The Berkeley Carroll School in Brooklyn – see my blog of school library photos here!, and as a research assistant for ‘Exploring Data Worlds at the Public Library’ – an IMLS-funded project on youth data literacy. I also have 10+ years professional experience in independent bookstores (my second love!) – including most recently as a manager at New York City’s Strand Book Store.

This site includes examples of library-centered projects completed during my MLIS, professional projects implemented in the school library environment, as well as more information on a variety of my professional and volunteer experiences.

Please send me a message at: manuela.aronofsky@gmail.com, or via my contact page for any further questions. I’m always happy to supply an up-to-date résumé!